Friday, February 5, 2016

Little Singers, Higher Voices

Did you know that your child’s voice is higher than yours?

We adults naturally have a lower speaking and singing voice than children. Our vocal cords are bigger and therefore have the ability to make lower sounds. We physically can’t make some of the high-pitched sounds that kids make. I am sure you have noticed this around the house, and on the playground!

This is similar to the difference between the big double-bass and the smaller violin. The smaller instrument, with the shorter strings, makes the higher sound.

Have you ever noticed your Music Together teacher check a note before they begin to sing? This is because all our music is set in a perfect place for children to sing. We are making sure to start in the right place. Not too high, and not too low.

Roosevelt Dime

Your child’s vocal cords are so small that 
they are about as long as a dime is across.
As they grow, this will change.

Girls will eventually have vocal cords that are about as long as nickel is across.

Guys will have vocal cords that are about as long as a quarter is wide.

Even if it may seem silly to meet your child’s pitch, let them sing where they are comfortable. They will probably choose to sing songs a bit higher than you would naturally choose.

Enjoy those high voices! Even though they may make piercing sounds at play, this is the only time you will hear your little one singing in their “child voice.” 

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